These Terms and Conditions (“Terms” or “Agreement”) represent a binding agreement between TXTnTXT and You. It is important that You understand Your responsibilities and the limitations to the services which You choose to use.

By using this platform you agree that

  1. Introduction
    TXTnTXT is own by BIZVERNET, an IT and VAS service provider. TXTnTXT is a platform that offers users the platform to advertise thier business and allows boths businesses and individuals to send messages upon registering and getting.

  2. Service
    Services hereby referes to services offered on this platform, here refered to as www.txtntxt.com. Services referred to is SMS and free online advertising for businesses.

  3. Description of service
    The platform allows users to register for this service and send SMS from this platform to thier prospective clients.

  4. Registration
    Service Users of this platform are hereby mandated to register online before patronizing the service
    4.1 Service Type- Service Type is a dropdown menu on the registration form that seeks to seperate the intent usage of the platform, thus either for Private or Business Usage
    4.2 Private: Private service selection means the registered user seeks to use this platform for private use.
    As a private user, you are entitled to a maximum of one(1) desired sender ID.
    4.3 Business: Business Service Selection means the registered user intens to use the service for business use. As a Business, you are entitled to a maximum of Three(3) desired sender IDs.
    By default, all approved registred users with service type as "Business" on this platform get advertised, in this case, get listed on the homepage with thier service description as a way of free online advertisement.
    4.4 Mandatory Fields- All fields marked (*) are mandated to be completed before a successful submission of form.

  5. Registration Approval
    All registrations are suject to approval according to our (BIZVERNET) laid down rules. Registration that does not meet our reqirements shall not be approved.
    Approved users shall be notified accordinly via their registration approval channel with thier login details to thier TXTnTXT account..
    Unapproved resgistered users shall not be notified in anyway for their rejected registrations.

  6. Notification to Users
    Approvedd users of TXTnTXT shall receive SMS notification on new services/products and any other information TXTnTXT needs to communicate to users of TXTnTXT platform.
    Such notifications shall be at no cost to users of the platform. To discontinue receiving messages from TXTnTXT, send us a message to exclude you from our broacast by writing to txtntxt@bizvernet.com

  7. Service Charge
    SMS charge - SMS rate shall be determined by BIZVERNET/TXTnTXT and shall be published to each user of the platform and shall appear below the message submit button when they login to the platform and desire to send messages.
    The charge of each SMS for every 1-160 charaters. Additional charaters shall attract addtional changes thus next 1 to 160 characters.
    Service Charge - TXTnTXT shall apply service charge to users of this platform when it deems it necessary after reviewing the operations of the Business hereafter called BIZVERNET.
    Service charge when determined shall cover SMS notification for password retrieval and registration approval notification via SMS.
    Service charge shall be applied to the user's registered mobile number. Thus a nominal fee may be debited to user's mobile account.
    SMS Service rate is subject to review at anytime without prior notice to users. This fees shall be used to maintain the service and to prevent abuse of the platform.

  8. Abrogation of Service
    TXTnTXT/BIZVERNET shall cancel/de-register any registered user found or reported to abuse the platform in diverse ways, such as to conduct frud, multiple registration, etc.
    Any act of piracy or attempted misuse of the information circulating on the network with the cause or source on behalf of the user 
    An act of piracy or attempted piracy equipment of TXTnTXT Network
    Information about the user as communicated during registration by the latter do not correspond to reality.

    By cancelling/ de-registering a registered user on the platform also means the user forfiets any balance on his/her account at the time of service cancellation and there shall be not refund.

  9. Guranteed Refund
    TXTnTXT/BIZVERNET shall refund any deposit made for TXTnTXT SMS Traffic upon request by any user of this platform.
    However a penalty of 10% shall be applied to the current account balance of the user at the time of making th request.
    Such request shall be made through our email contact and a followup by a call. User shall be contacted to complete some documents which shall be reviewed and appropraite action taken.
    Payment shall be made within five(5) working days after approval.

  10. Deletion of registered user
    Registered users on TXTnTXT platform shall be removed per the conditions below:
    10.1 Ideal User - Thus user not topping up account after two(2) months of registering on TXTnTXT platform.
    10.2 Inactivity- Users who have ceased to carry out any messaging activity after last topup activity over a period of four(4) months.
    10.3 Conditions as applied to section 8 of the terms and conditions.
    Conditions required for deletion of records shall be reviewed at anytime when the need arises without any prior notice to users of the platform.

  11. Service Availability
    TXTnTXT/BIZVERNET does not guarantee 100% service availabilty.

  12. Security
    Security is a shared responsibility. Your are required to secure your login credential without disclosure at any third party.
    TXTnTXT shall not be responsible for any fradulent intrution to your login details and illegal access to your TXTnTXT account.

  13. Site Availability
    The site is in principle accessible 24/24h, 7/7d, except interruption, planned or not, for the purposes of its maintenance or force majeure. Being made ​​subject to an obligation of means, we cannot be held liable for any damages, whatever their nature, resulting from the unavailability of the site.

  14. Your responsibility as a user
    By sending messages through the site, you are required to comply with the laws and regulations of the land. It is your responsibility therefore to ensure that the storage and distribution of your messages is not 
    (i) a violation of intellectual property rights of third parties, 
    (ii) a serious personal injury (including defamation, insults, etc.) and respect for privacy, 
    (iii) a breach of public order and morality (including attempts to justify crimes against humanity, incitement to racial hatred, child pornography, etc.)..
    Given the community of the site and respect for the sensitivities of all, it is for the user to maintain a certain ethic about the messages sent and, in particular, refrain from posting any messages of a violent, deceptive, usurper or simply to induce recipients into error.

    TXTnTXT/BIZVERNET shall not be responsible for:
    9.1 Messages sent by registered users of this platform, hereafter called TXTnTXT
    9.2 Correctness of posteded service description of Registered Businesses displayed on the Homepage of TXTnTXT
    9.3 Adverts placed on TXTnTXT website for third parties, thereafter referred to adverts showcasing other services other than that of TXTnTXT or BIZVERNET

    Any claim or dispute relating to the service must be submitted in writing to the following address: txtntxt@bizvernet.com
    Last updated : October 2nd, 2015
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